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An innovative, energizing and fun class performed on a SURF board. The instability of the board challenges you in ways you never thought possible.


We offer numerous classes suitable for all levels and experience.

Pilates / Yoga

Designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. Yoga – A discipline involving controlled breathing, prescribed body positions, meditation, stretching and positional exercises to promote good health, fitness, and control of the mind.
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At Diane’s suggestion I started Surfset last winter and have completed three sessions to-date. I was a little hesitant with the tippy board at first but was soon able to adjust and complete the routines. Diane does a good job of mixing up the different workout moves so that each session never really becomes “routine”. Surfset has helped improve my balance by providing a good core and lower body workout. This includes ankle proprioception which is key to improving balance. The workouts are low impact but really get you sweating. Diane’s Pilates and Body Sculpting classes have found muscles I didn’t know I had and that were in bad need of a good workout. Thanks for keeping me motivated Diane!

Kearney Sagehorn

I have had the privilege to take Diane Seguin’s fitness classes in Pilates, Surf-set, Body Sculpting and Spinning and without a doubt Diane is an outstanding instructor.  Diane knows her craft but more importantly demands excellence and proper form.  She takes the time to teach the proper technique and offers alternative movements if the student needs an adaptation.  Diane has the unique ability to coach the novices while still challenging the expert students.  Diane comes to every class prepared and her enthusiasm is infectious and motivating.  Regardless of the exercise class you take with Diane you will get ripped abs because she is a stand up comedienne and will keep you laughing while you are sweating.

Greg Clevel

I have been taking her Body Sculpting / Cardio class for many months now and I love it – she makes every class so fun and interactive, all while making sure you are pushing yourself and working as hard as possible for maximum results.  Her approach of changing the class up every 2 weeks is great – it is always something new!

Daniele Rueckert

I enjoy taking Diane’s Pilates and Body Sculpting classes.  Diane’s Body Sculpting class always gives one a good workout. Diane continually changes up the content to keep things interesting.. from interval training,  to abs and core work, to Tae Bo moves, to weights, and stretching. Pilates with Diane is an enjoyable workout experience that includes many exercises and movements for balance, body and core strength, and stretches for range of motion.  Diane borrows movements from yoga and ballet, and her workouts can only help you with your favorite sport activities, such as golf or a martial art.  In Diane’s classes you find yourself striving to improve with her encouragement, and looking forward to the next class.

Paul Murphy

All too often, it’s easy to not place working out as a priority. But, working with Diane, she makes the concept of healthy living and fitness a way of life. Her positive and supportive attitude, coupled with knowledge of safe and effective training is not only effective, but challenging and enjoyable. Diane will push you, encourage you and celebrate success with you. Definitely the kind of instructor that helps make the workout a priority.

Teal Vivacqua
My fitness experience with Diane was great! She’s a great motivator. She has a lot of experience in many forms of fitness including cardio, toning, Pilates, yoga and barre and always switches it up to offer the most balanced and effective workouts. She always explains how a move is most efficient and why, and pushes you to improve and excel. She uses great tunes to choreograph each workout and each workout has a different focus. She implements weights, bands, balls and jump ropes. Her use of the “Surfset” is
challenging and fun and my core strength and balance are great now. She makes us feel like a family and she genuinely cares about our health and well being which is key to motivation. She’s a great lady, good friend and excellent fitness instructor.
Suzanne Beaulieu
She brought me to the best shape in my life- though I have tried different fitness classes in my 52 years.
The classes were fun versatile and consistent. Diane would encourage every attendee to challenge themselves and improve with every lesson.
Her enthusiasm is very catching and inspiring, I have never seen a coach who would be able to use that much individual approach during group workouts. She is incredibly experienced too and the number of different exercises to the same group of muscles she can offer really amazed me!
Olly Petrova Olly Petrova - Life of an Athlete Program