Classes / Workshops

Below is a list of the classes / workshops that we offer. Groups of 4 or more.


An innovative, energizing and fun class performed on a SURF board. The instability of the board challenges you in ways you never thought possible.


We offer numerous classes suitable for all levels and experience.

Pilates / Yoga

Designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. Yoga – A discipline involving controlled breathing, prescribed body positions, meditation, stretching and positional exercises to promote good health, fitness, and control of the mind.

HIIT – Bootcamp

High Intensity Interval Training

Body Toning

A class that focuses on Muscular Endurance and Toning, using weights, balls, tubes (running shoes required).

Power Yoga (also known as Ashtanga yoga)

A more athletic type of Yoga, one that flows and challenges.

PiYo / Yo-Pilates

A Matt class combined with Power Yoga (Ashtanga). A combo of both disciplines helps create a total body workout. For those students who love both Pilates and yoga.

Pilates Barre

Workout based on a Ballet approach combined with matt Pilates. The Barre adds many challenges and helps to elongate and stretch muscles. There is also elements of coordination and endurance.

Booty Blast

Using STEP , this class focuses on lower body workout / toning & cardio.

Matt Pilates

Class focusing on core work, based on Joseph H. Pilates principles. Classes may include Balance Ball, Foam Roller, Magic Circle, Tubes and/or Light Weights.

Group Parties

Group Events and Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties